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So many adults these days are trapped in unhealthy habits that they just can’t seem to give up. Whether
it’s lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits or social isolation; they may spend their entire lives trying to
overcome these habits only to fall back on them shortly after the slightest setback.

The question, then, arises, when do these habits become so rooted in our systems? Why is it so easy to
go back to them even though we know they’re harming us?

It probably has something to do with our childhood and the habits we built up when we were little. Like
all the most basic things, anything that becomes a part of our brain’s pattern at an early age ends up in
our comfort zone. And that’s why it’s essential to learn and practice those healthy habits from the very
beginning to avoid falling into unhealthy patterns.

However, there is very little to be found in literature or media that could convince a child to exercise
and eat healthy when all around us is a storm of advertisements focusing on food, food and food, and
none of that is healthy. It’s hard to convince a child to exercise when there are online games available
that hold their attention for hours on end, isolating them from the outside world.

But here we get a great opportunity from life guru and celebrity PT Scott Harrison. In his debut
children’s book “Grumpy Gorilla and Happy Hippo”, Scott Harrison has provided inspiration for little
children to establish healthy habits. A book full of magical illustrations and written in verse makes it
easier to get the message across to young minds.

The characters of “Grumpy Gorilla and Happy Hippo” are inspired by Scott’s own life and the messages
given are from his years of experience as a nutrition expert and mind coach. After changing the lives of
many adults, Scott has delved into the world of childhood to inspire young minds from an early age and
break the cycle of bad habits that are usually ignored in children.

For the children learning to read, or who love being read to, this book is a treasure of interesting
characters and beautiful scenes. The book revolves around the idea of getting a positive mindset and the
tools required for that. Having a positive perspective at an early age can affect the adults we grow up to
be and a fun read like this one, with a positive influence is just the inspiration every child needs.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are becoming rarer each day and it is time that adults monitor the
behaviour of their kids to establish healthy habits from the beginning. It’s not an easy task and people
often find it easy to give in to whatever the kid wants but we have to remember what’s better for their
own future and their lives.