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Children love to move! Whether it’s jumping or running or climbing, they are always exploring their
bodies by putting them in motion. It’s a way for them to learn about their environment as well as about
the limitations of their own bodies. Even from as little as infancy, babies are touching textures and
moving themselves around to explore their bodies and the world full of sensory items.

However, in the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in childhood obesity and a
decrease in overall physical exercise that each child gets in their life. A lot can be blamed on technology
and gadgets, that take up all their concentration and time with its attractive & addictive nature but the
parents aren’t without blame either. Even as a baby, parents find it easier to introduce screen time to
their infants rather than indulge them in meaningful interaction and games. This creates a pattern of
addiction in kids and as they grow up, they continue to prefer being immersed in the world of fantasy to
exploring the outdoors.

Today, we bring you five absolutely fun books that can inspire your kid to get moving and involved in
healthy exercises.

1. Move Your Body: My Exercise Tips by Gina Bellisario
This is a great book of exercises with tips about some easily followed moves, including
stretching, aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
The Field Day is almost here but Natalie’s team needs some help to get in shape for the big race.
Read along as you exercise with Ms Starr and get energised.

2. Grumpy Gorilla and Happy Hippo by Scott Harrison
This is another great book about having a positive mindset in life and the healthy habits that
children need to establish from an early age.
Grumpy Gorilla has a negative attitude about everything in life and needs his friend Hippo’s help
to understand how he can change his habits. A book about exercise, positivity, eating healthy
and friendship, it’s a treat for your young ones with its beautiful illustrations and interesting

3. Shake A Leg by Constance Allen (Sesame Street Book)
This hilarious book is for readers as young as 1 to 3 years old. Read aloud for your toddlers to
learn some funny moves with Grover and Elmo, popular Sesame Street characters. This book will
have your babies love reading and moving at the same time.

4. Move by Lolly Hopwood and Yoyo Custers
A unique and exciting book like never before! This book is not like traditional page-turning
books. It can transform its reader into a dinosaur, a canoe or a flying saucer. Roar, row or spin
with this adventurous book and have your body move in many different ways.

5. From Head To Toe by Eric Carle
Follow the fun moments of various animals as they bend their necks, jump around and flap their
arms. This book will have every child moving and laughing with every page.
These were some of our favourite picks to get your kids to love exercise and have fun with their bodies.
Let’s have the kids moving!