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A dedicated family man and father of three, Scott is using his unique insight, talent and passion to help as many people as possible.

Scott is direct, authentic and endlessly passionate about helping people transform their body and mind. A Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Black Belt Karate Instructor, Chef, Author, Founder of The Six Pack Revolution and SPR Juniors, Scott has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

My Companies

The Six Pack Revolution

75 day transformation programme

The Six Pack Nutrition

Targeted nutrition and supplements

SPR Juniors

PE Programme for schools

Giving children the toolkit to succeed

Now releasing his first in a series of children’s book “Happy Hippo and Grumpy Gorilla”, Scott is aiming to help kids equip themselves with a toolkit to help them live happy, healthy lives too! A charming story told in verse, with fun characters brought to life by renown illustrator Tom Bonson.

Fitness, nutrition, health and mindset

At The Six Pack Revolution, Scott helps transform the lives of people all over the planet. The programme says ‘six pack’, but the benefits are so much deeper. A positive mind-set, thriving community support, tailored nutrition and personal coaching helps participants create a new relationship with food, with exercise, and with themselves.

At the end of the programme participants have a new body, a new sense of confidence and a new perspecive on life.

Targeted nutrition and supplements

Many participants on The Six Pack Revolution use post-workout and meal replacement shakes, but so many products on the market fell short of Scott’s exacting standards. With that in mind, Scott engaged a team of nutritional experts and set about formulating his own range of ‘smoothies’ (so called as they’re creamier than regular shakes), and as Scott is insistent that nobody is left out, the entire range is available in vegan varieties.

Preparing children for the future through fitness

SPR Juniors is an innovative video-guided PE Programme for primary schools. Developed in partnership with PE Expert, Jennifer Frost, this unique programme gives children the best start in life. Demonstrated by Scott’s daughter and a team of children, each activity is designed to be fun and challenging.